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Aqua Products EVO™ 614 iQ Smart Pool Cleaner Frequently asked questions

Good news! You don’t need to be Einstein to install the iAquaLink app. You just need a phone, a pool, and an Aqua Products Evo 614 iQ Robotic Pool Cleaner. Start by going to the iAquaLink app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the iAquaLink app, then sign up or log In. Complete all required fields and agree to the terms and conditions. To add to the mobile app system: click + in the upper right-hand corner of the “My Systems” page to add a system and choose "Robotic Cleaner".

Not to sound like your typical tech support person or something, but a bad connection may be the result of a weak WiFi signal strength at the control box location. If you are unable to improve signal strength, you may need a WiFi extender to boost your signal strength. Come to think of it...did you put in an incorrect password? This may also cause a connection error. If the signal strength at the control box is good, double-check the network name and credentials for the router.

As your IT guy would probably say, “first, disconnect and reconnect the cleaner.” Check that the cable is properly connected to the control box or that nothing is interfering with the cable connection area. If this does not resolve the problem, contact your local retailer for a diagnostic review or call customer service at 800-221-1750.

No, it’s just not a good idea to use an extension cord to connect the control box. We recommend you locate the control box as close to a GFCI outlet as possible.

Ok, this should be pretty easy. Simply reach down and remove the cleaner from the pool using the handle. Never lift the cleaner out of the pool by the floating cable. Now just hold the cleaner vertically and the water will drain out. 

Four words...end of each cycle. Simply shake and spray clean after each use.

Periodically, deep-clean the debris basket with soapy water and a soft bristle brush to keep the cleaner performing at its best. 

Before anything else (and we won’t judge), check that the cleaner is properly plugged into the outlet. Then check that the outlet is actually receiving electricity (and no, we do not suggest sticking your finger in it, just find something else to plug in). If there is no electricity, you should probably call an electrician or your power company to see what the issue is.

If there is power, let’s move on to the next troubleshooting steps…

Turn the tracks of your cleaner and check for trapped debris in the wheels, then disconnect the control unit and wait at least 20 seconds before reconnecting. If the problem persists, contact your local retailer to request a diagnostic review or call Tech Support at 800-221-1750. 

Your pool cleaner brushes do a lot of hard work. To maintain cleaner performance at its best, replace the brushes as soon as the rubber is worn down to the top of the wear indicator. 

Let’s just say it’s not a good idea to swim in or enter the pool while the cleaner is in the water. Common sense, right? And hey, this just gives you extra room to invite more participants for a game of Marco Polo.