Aqua Products Evo™ 502 Robotic Pool Vacuum

The path to a clean pool


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2-year limited warranty

You’re a brilliant multi-tasker. You need to be. You’ve got errands to run, kids to pick-up, a house to clean… but there’s no reason you need to clean your pool too! The Aqua Products Evo 502 robotic pool vacuum sucks up all the dirt and debris that has settled on your pool’s floor and even scrubs away scum that can grow on your pool walls. So go ahead and take care of everything else you need to do — that time you’d spend cleaning your pool can now be spent enjoying your pool instead… because after all that “adulting,” you deserve to just float.

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Powerful vacuum technology

Keeps dirt and debris spiraling in the basket instead of settling and slowing suction.

Aqua Products Evo 502 robotic pool cleaner

Turns on a dime!

This pool vacuum turns like it’s on a swivel! (it’s got a really good turning radius) and climbs walls like Spiderman thanks to a dual traction motor that independently rotates each brush and a rear water-flow outlet that makes maneuvering over and around obstacles a breeze.

Dirt-busting brush

Just like in basketball, where you pass the ball until you shoot, the Evo’s innovative brush design removes sludge from surfaces and passes debris from bristle to bristle, pushing it straight to the inlet where it’s sucked up never to be seen in your pool again. Score!

Aqua Products Evo 502 robotic pool cleaner

Large EZ-Clean debris basket

It’s easy math… a bigger trashcan can hold more trash and a bigger debris basket can hold more debris. Once cleaning is done simply pull, shake and spray the debris away!

Designed to climb

These tracks were made for climbing… and that’s just what they’ll do. No matter the pool, these tracks are gonna’ climb to clean walls too.

Floors, walls and waterline!

The Evo 502 pool vacuum cleans your pool from the floors all the way up to the waterline every time.

Aqua Products Evo 502 robotic pool cleaner


Pool Type
In-ground pools
Pool Size
Up to 40 ft
Pool Surface
All (vinyl, fiberglass, gunite, pebble, tile)
Cleaning Coverage Mode
Floor, walls, waterline
Cleaning Cycle
2.5 hours
Active dual-traction brush at front of cleaner
Cable Length
50ft cable
Top access 4L EZ-Clean debris basket
Optional accessory

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