Aqua Products Mamba™ Suction Pool Cleaner

A disc-style suction cleaner for in-depth cleaning of your pool


1-year limited warranty

There’s nothing to fear here… unless a squeaky-clean pool scares you. This Mamba is known to suck the dirt out of any above-ground or small in-ground pool.


Mamba suction pool cleaner

Easy Operation

Simply connect the hose to your skimmer or vacuum inlet and Mamba automatically gets to work when you power on your filter pump.

Clog prevention

A clogged suction cleaner doesn't suck... in fact, it doesn't do anything. The dual Easy Clean-Out ports keep your cleaner from clogging so it can keep on cleaning.

Mamba in ground suction pool cleaners


Pool Type
Above-ground and small in-ground pools
Pool Surface
All (vinyl, fiberglass, gunite, pebble, tile)
Cleaning Coverage Mode
Floor and walls with curved transition
Vacuum Technology
Hammer Technology
Cleaning Connection
Skimmer or vacuum inlet
Cleaner Type
Disc style suction cleaner
Cable Length
Adjustable hose (32’ maximum length)
3 intake ports