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Aqua Products Sol™ Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner Frequently asked questions

Oh no! Sounds like you may have a few kinks in your cable, but we can help. Remove your cleaner from the pool then straighten the cable along the ground and let it sit for a few hours while you go enjoy some cold ice cream or a refreshing beverage (you deserve it, tangling cables can be very stressful). Once the cable has “relaxed” all the kinks will be worked out. Now go to the center of the length of your pool and put your cleaner into the pool. Then, gently toss the cable across the pool water so that it’s evenly distributed (in other words, don’t just drop the cable in a lump in one spot). All that’s left is to turn your cleaner on. Now it’s your turn to lay down and relax.

Before anything else, (and we won’t judge), check that the cleaner is properly plugged into the outlet. (hey, it happens to all of us!). Then check that the outlet is actually receiving electricity.

If there is no electricity, you should probably call an electrician or your power company to see what the issue is.

If there is power, let’s move on to the next troubleshooting steps…

Try pressing the Start/Stop button again. If the problem persists, contact your local service center to request a diagnostic review or call Technical Support.

Perhaps your cleaner is just full… check your debris canister and empty it if needed. Might as well give a quick rinse while you’re at it too. If it still won’t climb after a quick clean-up, a more “shocking” solution may be required… literally!

Walls of a pool can be slippery — there may be microscopic algae lurking on your pool walls. Brushing the walls and doing a shock chlorination treatment to reduce the organic levels in the pool will help vanquish this uninvited pool guest. But whatever you do, DO NOT leave the cleaner in the pool during this treatment — chlorine is good for sanitizing your pool water, but too much of a good thing can be harmful to your cleaner.

Our robots are so smart they’re actually trying to tell you what the problem is — unfortunately they only speak in code… Never fear, you can decode their language using your User's Manual. We’ve included a handy guide to deciphering their communications in the Troubleshooting section.

First, try unplugging the floating cable from the control unit, wait a few seconds, and reconnect… Once you’ve done that, remove your cleaner from the pool and re-submerge, (check the “Install and Submerge the Cleaner” section in your User's Manual for help here). Now try powering up your cleaner.

Did that work? If yes, awesome! If not, contact your local service center to request a diagnostic review or call Technical Support at 800.221.1750.